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Obama's Broken Promises and Ron Paul

Obama’s Broken Promises

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president on a message of change and hope. Despite his limited experience in government and non-existent experience in business he was elected with the largest popular vote in US history1. And with Americans being tired of a multi-year war, troubled economic outlook there was every reason to look at this young, magnetic and up-beat person with a sense of hope. Finally, a man who wasn't from a political dynasty, who came from nothing bringing a message most Americans had wanted for decades…change you could believe in. Of course few really thought about what his idea of “change” meant. He may have been inexperienced, but your average voter saw in him potential. Little did they expect to get a president who reacted rather than led, who denied the notion that America was not the same as every other countrya, who would fill his administration with and take advice from radicals, known terrorists2 and special interest groups.

While campaign blips like “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”3 caused some to question this brave new world he planned, the promise of transparency, clean energy independence, secure public services, ending wars etc. was far too great to offer any real obstacle. He made many promises and a tired, desperate America was ready to believe, no matter the cost.

Obama had a very large following of young voters, college students and far-left liberals. Their focus on war, energy and domestic policy made promises like closing Guantanamo Bay and expanding government “protections” seemed to solidify the idea that Obama was an honest man who would do what he said. There has never been a candidate who was able to fulfill, entirely, every promise made but the thought of out-right lies never crossed their mind.

So why is it that in July 2011, half-way through his presidency, are the people who supported him most leaving the “Obama train” in droves? And even worse (from the left’s perspective) why is it that no name candidates in 2008 like Ron Paul are today coming within the margin of error to tying or even beating him in some polls?4 The answer is fairly simple, Americans have seen the kind of change Obama desires and even die-hard supporters can’t ignore the ever growing list of broken promises, hypocrisy and lack luster leadership since his first days in office.

The following is a list of examples that have been cited by multiple sources5 as of 7/2011:

1. Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners.-Broken
2. End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000. -Broken
3. End no-bid contracts above $25,000. -Broken
4. Sign the Employee Free Choice Act (pro-union). -Broken
5. Prevent companies in bankruptcy from giving company executives bonuses. -Broken
6. Allow imported prescription drugs. -Broken
7. Mandate autism treatment in insurance coverage. -Broken
8. Close Guantanamo Bay. -Broken
9. Double the Peace Corps. -Broken
10. Allow 5 days for the public to read and comment on bills before signing them. -Broken
11. Create rules against lobbying and political appointees. -Broken
12. Urge States to treat same-sex couples with the same equality as heterosexuals in their adoption laws. -Broken
13. Restore the Superfund program (cleans up highly polluted sites). -Broken
14. Support a human mission back to the moon by 2020. -Broken
15. Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels. -Broken
16. Require a “plug-in” fleet at the White House. -Broken
17. Recognize the Armenian genocide. -Broken
18. No tax increases on families making less than $250,000/yr. -Broken
19. Televise all health care reform talks on C-SPAN. – When John McCain asked Obama about this in 2010 Obama replied “the campaign is over, John” *a
20. Introduce a comprehensive immigration bill in his first year. -Broken
21. Restrict warrantless wiretaps. -Broken
22. Secure the borders. Obama “We need tougher border security…” Janet Napolitano later announced in 2010 that $50 million had in planned stimulus funds for border security had been diverted to other project.*a
23. Enforce “PAYGO” rules. -Broken
24. Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. -Broken
25. Restore habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants. -Broken
26. Make White House communications about regulatory policy-making public. -Broken
27. Include sexual orientation and gender identity in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. -Broken
28. Increase the minimum wage to $9.50/hr by 2011. -Broken

Additional actions that went against his promises or that have hurt America.
1. Added a war in Libya and Yemen. –Lied about stopping undeclared wars.
2. Said we won’t be taking an active role in Libya or maintaining the “no-fly zone”. –Lied. We have spent over $500 million in Libya and led dozens of bombing runs.
3. Gave $2 billion to Brazil for off-shore drilling. –Gave it to Brazil soon after the “Deepwater Horizons” oil spill and had called for halting all US drilling for environmental causes. Brazil however has a very poor record in environmental protection.

(Note: This is simply a list of broken promises and hypocritical actions by Obama. It does not mean that I do or don’t support them)
All of this makes it clear that Obama was never fit to be president and that to allow him a further four years at the head of the most powerful nation in world history is irresponsible. However, all is not lost. Despite the Democrats being saddled with an exposed message of busted promises and failed leadership America is not condemned (should voters see the light) to continue living in a nation nearing an abyss. There is another choice and a choice who has proven leadership, experience, and trustworthiness - Ron Paul.

Even though few in national leadership are actually in it for the nation Ron Paul has been a staunch supporter and defender of the American way, the Constitution, limited government and personal responsibility. As is often the case, the mainstream media and political machines have tried to down play Dr. Paul’s accomplishments and message because they’re afraid of losing power. Nevertheless, voters are tired of being told what to do and who to vote for, and despite being called “radical” or “not having a chance” the reality on the ground is far different.

For more than 20 years Dr. Paul has maintained the same message, has voted consistently more than any other person in congress and his predictions that were laughed at in 1998 and 2008 have now come true and even those who laughed at him are now quoting Dr. Paul and trying to be the new “Dr. No”. Of course there can only be one and Ron Paul, while shining above all other candidates in message, truth, character, and principle is now beginning to take the lead in the polls, among the people and when paired with Obama levels the field. As proof that Dr. Paul’s candidacy is beating the establishments attempt at marginalization I’d like to give you a few facts.
During the 2011 2nd quarter fundraising period Ron Paul raise $4.5 million, coming in second to Romney (a multi-millionaire and big government supporter). Despite coming in second in total donations Paul out raised all candidates in MS, ND and OK and also out raised Romney in MN. Paul was the second highest fundraiser in 26 other states6.

With his message of peace and smart international relations (as well as being the only candidate to serve in the military) Rep. Paul out raised all candidates in donations from active military personnel7.

One of the biggest issues people point to for his “un-electability” is Rep. Paul’s desire to end entitlement programs. Dr. Paul, who is a working physician, believes that programs like Social Security are unconstitutional and would develop a plan to allow those entering the workforce to opt out of it, keep those who rely on it now on a solvent Social Security program and then gradually phase it out without hurting the elderly and disabled. As David Weidner of the Wall Street Journal said “Mr. Paul faces an electorate that, like it or not, is dependent on Washington. Nearly $2 of every $10 in personal income, about $2.3 trillion…It's hard for most of us to vote against programs so obviously boosting our bottom lines.”8 

Of course, that’s the whole point. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans are on some sort of welfare, far above the number intended when these programs were instituted under FDR. Which means either the US is rapidly turning into a third world country or those in charge understand something most seem not too, if you give people money and cause them to become reliant on you then they are less likely to limit your power and will in fact be more willing to give you more power. When we surrender our liberties for “protection” and when we give up our obligation to self responsibility then we lose both liberty and protection and we become a virtual slave to those who provide us services.

As we have seen in Europe the more you give people the less willing they are to work, to further educate themselves and to provide for their own well-being. Today 60 million people take entitlements, nearly 45% of the working population pay no income taxes and we have allowed ourselves to be subjected to government sponsored molestation under the TSA. Ron Paul wants to reverse this and give us back the power to live our own lives, succeed by our own merit, own our failures and maintain our liberties.

In the polls Rep. Paul has the following record**:

WON – Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll, New Orleans. Paul 612 votes, Romney 74

WON – CPAC Straw Poll, Paul 30%, Romney 23%
WON – Texas GOP Poll, Paul 22%, Gov. Perry 17%, Romney >10%

Paul 37% vs. Obama 41%, Rasmussen 7/2011. In this poll Obama scores lowest against any candidate when matched against Ron Paul.

Paul 50% vs. Obama 50%, Harris Interactive 7/2011.

With Obama’s record of lies and failed accomplishments and Ron Paul’s 21 year history of consistent voting and intellectual honesty there can be no question about who should be the next president, Ron Paul.

Jacob Bogle, 7/30/2011

1. 2008 votes - 62,438,115 Obama/55,380,169 McCain., 2008

2. A- William Ayers

C- Van Jones


5. A-


A. American exceptionalism denied -, by John R. Bolton 2009

** Polls, in order




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