Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why We Should End the Dept. of Education

Spending Does Not Equal Success
Ending the Department of Education

This is a rather simple overview but the facts don't lie.

Now, first thing first: if we ended the DoEdu it would not destroy education. The Department was founded in 1979, 203 years after the nation was founded and we did great during those years.
It is simply a bloated bureaucracy that we don’t need and no longer can afford.

In 2011, the DofEdu’s budget was $71 billion plus an additional $23 billion from the “Stimulus” bill.

In 1961, the nation spent $2,808 per student (2009 dollars), today we spend over $10,000. You would think test scores would be greatly improved.

In 1971, we spent $4,552/student, the SAT reading score was 530 for 1972. Today, it’s 497.

In 1972, the SAT math score was 509, today it is only 514.

Basically our education system has stagnated, if not gotten worse, and yet we spend more than twice what we did in the 70s.

More money is not the answer.

"SAT Scores Lowest in Decades"

Dept. of Education Figures

End the Department of Education

--Jacob Bogle, 9/4/12